Cat Stretch Pose - Vajrasana

(Cat Stretch Pose)

A deep backbend, this yoga position strengthens the muscles of the torso. Exercise with this pose for several rounds to bring heat and flexibility to the spine, releasing toxins and stimulating the internal organs. This yoga asana offers a deep spinal, back, and shoulder stretch.





Tones the spinal nerves.

Relaxes the sciatic nerves.

Relives sciatica.

Loosens up the legs.

Tones up the vaginal passage after the child delivery.

Stretches the abdominal muscles.

Promotes digestion.

Stimulates blood circulation.

Reduces weight from the hips and thigh.

Performing the Asana

Begin by kneeling on all fours, knees under hips and hands under shoulders. Balance your hips and shoulders. Maintain equidistance between the knees and hands. Hold the arms straight and keep the eyes open.

This is the primary position.

Inhale deeply. Dip your belly downwards while lifting your chin and tailbone. Press upwards through the arms, pulling the shoulder blades down and back.

Exhale and tuck your tail bone while pulling in the abdominals, bring a c-curve to the spine, rounding it, and tuck your chin to your chest. As you press through the palms of your hands, press your shoulders back from your ears. Release by inhaling back to a neutral position.

Anatomical Focus

Erector Spinae



Complimentary Yoga Poses

Dhanurasana (Bow Bend Posture)
Balasana (Child's Pose)
Kakasana (Crow Balance)

Deepen the Pose

Lengthen and extend from tail bone to chin upwards towards the sky.
Reversal: Round the spine up towards the sky, tucking the hips under, the belly button in towards the spine, and chin towards the chest.