Crow Balance Pose - Bakasana

(Crow Balance Pose)

This yoga position takes upper arm strength and balance. Yoga positions requiring upper body and shoulder strength also build the core strength and balance. When incorporating into yoga practice, begin by using a prop or wall for assistance! This balancing posture brings lightness and confidence to the body while increasing your natural endurance.




This pose strengthens the core, upper arms, shoulders, and wrists - Crow brings Upper Body Strength

Crow focuses the mind and improves concentration.

Toning of the Internal Abdominal Organs.

Greater Balance

Mental Focus and Improved Concentration


Shoulder / Rotator Cuff Injury


Performing the Asana

From Mountain, squat with your feet a few inches apart and knees open. Place the palm of your hands onto the floor underneath you shoulders with your fingers spread out. Lean your weight into your hands, bringing your torso forward and bending at the elbows.

The backs of your upper arms will be the resting area of your knees. Lifting from the balls of your feet, support your torso as you lift your knees to your arms. Breathe calmly and gaze to a point in front of you. Gently bring your toes from the ground to the air behind you. Hold for several steady breaths, then release.

It will help to extend through the tailbone outwards for balance.

Anatomical Focus


Pelvis (Pelvic Cavity)


Upper Body

Therapeutic Applications

Aids in Digestion / Elimination

Lower Back (Lumbar) Relief

Modify Your Practice

Keep your toes on the floor and practice by tightening the abdominals and lengthening the spine downwards towards your heels. This will help you to prepare for the asana practice.