Namaste, fellow human being on the pathway of life.

You may be searching for that path inwards to emotional and physical wellness. Balance. Bliss. Inner fulfillment. You may not realize what yoga has to offer - and you may not realize the yoga that you already practice.

What is Yoga? Yoga starts as a seed within ourselves. Yoga is the balance between the macrocosm and the microcosm; a exercise for the body and mind to be the best person we are. Yoga means - "to unite; to join" and is your action, it is your words, it is the energy you present to others, and it is the path you desire and have not realized. There are many levels of yoga and many approaches; and among them is yours.

As yoga has evolutionized, so has the yogi evolved. Yoga classes and yoga studios all over the world continue to grow during the time it takes to read this sentence This source is an complete introduction to yoga from any point in your yoga practice.

As you develop an understanding of yoga, your practice will also develop. Continue reading to learn more about what to expect from your yoga practice.