Staff Pose - Dandasana

(Staff Pose)


Staff Yoga Pose is the foundation for seated yoga postures. The core is exercised as the hips, sacrum, and spin align allowing movement of energy through the chakra system. More advanced yoga positions should be practiced after Staff Yoga Pose is comfortable and mastered.


Spinal Alignment

Base for Sitting Asana

Strengthens Legs, Hips and Psoas

Performing the Asana

Sit with the legs outstretched straight in front of the hips. To ease into this position, you may gently pull the skin/muscle under the thigh outwards to either side to set the hips.

Engage the thigh muscles and flex the feet, pulling the big toes backwards towards the hip bones. The heels may come up off the floor.

Lengthen the spine upwards from the hips and stack the shoulders directly on top of the hips. The shoulder blades should sit back, down and inwards towards the spine.

Anatomical Focus


Hip Flexors

Rectus Abdominus


Tips for Beginners

You may place a bolster or blanket under the sit bones for greater support and comfort.