Staff Standing Pose - Utthita Dandasana

Utthita Dandasana
(Staff Standing Pose)

Utthi = standing
danda = staff/ plank

As an encouraging pose due to the proper posture and complete extension, it is a standing form of the seated base asana. It is also an isometric exercise for the length of the body. This pose is often the base of many other sitting asanas. Dandasana is the basic seated pose from which all the others originate. Think of it as a seated version of Mountain Posture - Tadasana.



-- Sitting on your mat, extend your legs out in front of you, pressing your thighs into your mat.
-- Press your palms just to the sides of your hips, fingers pointing backwards. Balance your weight along your heels, legs, and sitting bones. Engage the thigh muscles and flex the feet. The heels may come up off the floor.
-- Press up through your arms, lifting the chest slightly. Feel the energy from the base of the spine up to the crown of your head. Press your shoulder blades down and inwards.
-- Breathe consciously.

• This pose lengthens and realigns the spine.
• Staff gently stretches the length of the legs and chest.
• It also stimulates the reproductive and respiratory system.


To release tension, you may place a blanket (folded to comfort) just under the hips for tight hamstrings or hips.