Tiger Stretch Position - Vyaghrasana

(Tiger Stretch Position)

Vyaghrasana = Tiger

This yoga pose is an extension of the Yoga Pose Cat Stretch Asana. It is to be practiced during yoga class only if the lumbar region of the back is healthy. Tiger Stretch Yoga Position builds core strength and tightens the booty.



Tones the spinal nerves. 

Relaxes the sciatic nerves. 

Loosens up the legs. 

Tones up the vaginal passage after the child delivery. 

Stretches the abdominal muscles. 

Reduces weight from the hips and thigh. 


Torn/ Sore Hips

Lumbar Disc Problems

Performing the Asana

Begin on your hands and knees with a neutral spine. Maintain equidistance between the knees and hands. Hold the arms straight and keep the eyes open. This is the primary position.

Inhale deeply and lift the chin and tailbone, dropping the belly. Bring the right toe straight out behind you, lifting and extending from the hips.

As you exhale, bend the right knee in and pull it forward towards the chest. Gently round the spine upwards while tucking the tailbone under and the chin towards the chest. Perform several rounds, then repeat with the opposite leg.

Anatomical Focus

Hips and Thighs

Core, Abdomen and Back

Chest and Shoulders

Therapeutic Applications




Reproductive Systems

Nervous Systems

Lymphatic Systems

Complimentary Yoga Poses

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